We Are Home Owners!!

It is Monday and I am officially exhausted. I only have to work another day before my week of vacation begins and I can really dig into the home decor!

Friday was crazy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I picked John up from work around 11:30am and we drove out to Greenbelt to meet with Betty. Going through the closing paperwork only took about 50 minutes. When Betty left the room to mail out all of our documents, we were greeted by some friendly faces! People that I have only had the pleasure of speaking with via email or phone dropped by to meet face to face and congratulate us. Theresa even gave us a very sweet card wishing us nothing but happiness. After a few moments of chit chat, Betty re-entered the room and gave us our keys. Needless to say, we held our composure until we stepped outside. Then of course, it was selfie time.


We drove back towards the city and neither of us could stop smiling. I mean, after all, we just opened a whole new and exciting chapter in our lives together.

We drove over to Bob’s Discount Furniture to start our furniture-purchasing endeavor. We found a master bedroom set and a gorgeous mirror. After purchasing the mirror, we were told that it couldn’t be delivered. We spent about 20 minutes trying to find a way to fit it in the CR-V, but we gave up. I was a little irritated with the service. Why couldn’t it be delivered? Anyways, we moved onto Value City and the experience was the complete opposite. It was stress-free, free shipping, and easy as pie. Our sales agent was great and even gave us a discount for paying everything upfront instead of financing. We got living room and dining room furniture along with a couple of pieces for the study.

Lastly, we went to Target to pick up some area rugs, grabbed a bite to eat, and then drove over to the apartment to load up a few items (mattress, change of clothes, and the dog) into the car.


The first night took some adjusting. We have so many new noises to get used to! For example, we both shot up out of bed when the ice maker released the first batch of ice into the bin. Since we have a big empty house, you could imagine how it echoed and would scare the crap out of someone sleeping in an unfamiliar place. Throughout the weekend, we went in and out of stores, finding items to help decorate our new home. We drove back and forth from the apartment a few times to grab our belongings. We also found that the next town over has plenty of shopping and entertainment! We were excited about that.

We also learned: “You don’t just go into Lowe’s real quick.” A majority of our Saturday was spent in Lowes and I have to say I’m ok with that. We purchased some really great pieces.

Furniture is scheduled to come in next week. I will be sure to take before and after photos 🙂

Talk to you soon!


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