The Countdown Begins

Here we are less than 2 weeks away from closing! John and I tried to visit the house this past weekend, but it looks like everything is locked up now. It was bittersweet; I am so curious to see the finished product (I wasn’t exactly tall enough to reach any window other than the study window), but this is just another reminder of how close we are to finally owning our own home!

Landscaping is being worked on this week, so we will finally have more than a big, mushy pile of dirt in our front yard. John was so excited by the fact that we will have a trees planted. He even got on Pinterest with me, and no, that’s no lie. He is really interested in ‘dwarf’ fruit trees. Though our back yard won’t have tons of space, we still want to have a couple of small fruit trees and possibly a small area for home-grown herbs! Both of us LOVE to cook (hence the double oven) and are very excited for the endless list of possibilities.

We will start packing up our belongings this weekend. I know, I know. Everyone stares at me like I’m crazy when I say I haven’t started yet, but I just hate it so much! Then next week is all final inspections and walk-throughs. We will be meeting with our project manager bright and early on July 9th for our new home orientation. Basically, he explained that he will take about an hour to walk through the home with us and explain how everything works. We will be instructed on what items to keep an eye on throughout the years, certain cleaners to use that won’t void any warranties, and all about how to get the most out of our Ryan Home.


We now have a porch, a side walk, our blue front door, and all of our columns are up!


Thanks to the porch for giving me additional height, I was able to peak into the study window and noticed the gorgeous wood flooring! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the house looks like.


Finally, here is the view from the back street. Garage door is in, the back patio is up, and we are anxious to move in.

I still can’t believe how quickly this flew by once they broke ground. The longest part of this process was dealing with the lenders and waiting to hear back from the underwriting department. Once that was settled, I feel like we blinked and we’ve arrived. Our friends and family have been so supportive and have shared in our excitement. Our original loan processor with NVR Mortgage helped find us a better loan option with a broker who was even more willing to work with John’s employment situation (he is loving his new job, by the way!). We’ve been tremendously blessed.


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