Dry Wall, Cabinets, and Tiles… OH MY!

Every time we get a second to make it out to our home-to-be, I am always amazed by the progress made in just a couple of weeks!

Since the last update, we got a concerning phone call from our loan processor with NVR Mortgage. Since John’s original job (the 1099 one) never went over to W2 like they said they would, the underwriters felt that they could not move forward with the loan, even after considering John’s new, higher-paying job. Our loan processor has gotten to know us well through all of the communication, and before I was even able to freak out into my stress-ball self, he offered another solution.

He informed me that before even calling me, he contacted a broker that he has worked closely with at previous companies. He told me that he already explained everything to her about our current loan situation and that she said everything should be fine. His call was not to tell me that the loan fell through, but instead that they found a better option and he wanted to get my permission to send our information over. Within a few days, the new lender at George Mason Mortgage contacted me to introduce herself and inform us that she was able to approve the loan. Phew!

This past weekend, we drove up to our house and found tons of new goodies! Siding has been installed, our porch is almost complete, dry wall is up, first coat of paint is up, cabinets are installed, and tiles have been laid out! I, of course, even got excited about our cute little home address sign and maroon shutters!

image1 (2)

Even little things like red shutters and a home number have me over-joyed!

image2 (3) image3 (3)

Opening the front door expecting to check out the dry wall and finding so much more!

image4 (3)

View of the dining room– columns are in place

image1 (3)

French doors leading into the study/office

image2 (2)

Another view from the dining room, going into the kitchen

image3 (2)

Our espresso-colored cabinets are looking great! Can’t wait for the granite to get in.

image4 (2) image5 (2)

Living room

image6 (2)

Guest bathroom upstairs

image1 image2

Guest bedroom; we will most likely be turning this room into a media/theater room.

image3 image4

Laundry room with a cute little window overlooking a pond


Master bathroom! I can’t wait to relax after a long day in this bad boy!

image7 (2)

Master bedroom with tray ceilings


Double vanity in the master bathroom

image8 (2)

My happy hubby at the top of the steps šŸ™‚


Huge walk-in shower in the master bath

image9 (2) image10 (2)Mini kitchen in the basement. We will be adding appliances and making this a rentable space!


Though paper was laid out on top of the tile (I am assuming to keep it from getting dirty), I had to take just one small peak.


I am off to Texas this week to visit my best friend for her birthday. The next time I see this house, we will be only 2 weeks away from our close date of July 10.


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