Pre-Dry Wall Inspection and New Job

We were up bright and early today, folks! I can’t say that I’m used to rolling out of bed before 8am, so it has been loads of caffeine for me today. Boy do I have some news for you!

First, I will start by saying we did the unthinkable. The big N-O, as I have heard, when it comes to purchasing a home. John got a new job. I can not begin to describe the anxiety and stress that I felt knowing that we would have to tell the lenders at NVR Mortgage. My weeks worth of Google searching told me that getting a new job in the middle of a home purchase is a death wish. That lenders may just up and deny you right on the spot. But I had to keep my chin up. After all, weren’t they telling me how much better a W2 is over 1099 miscellaneous pay?

Turns out, Google was wrong and stressed me out over nothing. Our loan officer said that the new job with the increased income and the W2 pay actually HELPS us. She did say that they would need 30 days worth of pay stubs for the new job before we close and what do you know? We close in 41 days. If that isn’t a blatantly obvious blessing from above, then I don’t know what is. The timing of everything has worked out to be absolutely unbelievable and I’m so thankful for everything this has taught us so far.

Next on the list, we had our pre-dry wall meeting today with Dan the Construction Man! That’s what I call him, although you can probably assume that is not his actual title.

We drove up to the house to find that the brick has already been placed on the front of the home! Dan showed us a little thing called ‘Weeping Holes’ that are placed in the cracks of the bricks. This will supposedly drain water out and away from the bricks, which will prevent water from getting through and causing mold or rot later on down the line. I feel like I’m learning so much!

The siding starts going up on Monday and should only take 1 day to complete for the house and then another day for the garage. Our front porch will be completed this week and so will the dry wall. Pre-dry wall inspection will be completed today. Then we will have a countless number of different inspections from different companies. We have people from the county coming out to do an inspection on the electrical stuff, we have someone else coming out to inspect the plumbing and make sure all of the pipes are working correctly, then we have our first quality home check to make sure everything is working as it should be before they start laying flooring and all the other fun stuff. Dan named off a couple of other companies that are coming out to do other inspections, but I lost track after the first three.

This process has made me have a whole new found respect for construction workers. There are so many steps and so many expectations from a lot of different companies and people. Yet the keep their cool and get things done. Dan has been absolutely fantastic with us so far. Bad communication is one of my biggest pet peeves (hello, Mass Comm major over here) so I, for one, am extremely pleased with the amount of communication that goes between us.


Standing in the kitchen taking photos of where the recessed lighting will be.


Light switches!


Monster tub in the master bathroom


This is where the double vanity will be!


Vent and a ceiling fan (pre-wiring) in the master bedroom


Upstairs guest bathroom


Upstairs laundry room


Living room cable jacks and outlets (options up higher as well for wall mounting the tv).



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